Monthly drop-in Workshops

Each month we hold a 2.5 hour workshop for those who really want to learn, improve & get to grips with all aspects of Chen style Tai Chi: Fansong Gong (conditioning exercises), Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation), Laojia (Form) and Pushing Hands/Martial applications (optional).


You are welcome to join us no matter what your current level of experience is, do however expect to work hard and a general level of fitness is a minimum requirement. We train together for common practise and divide into small groups for focused training and individual instruction.


Each workshop takes place 10.30 -13.00 at The Newell Centre, Tozer Way, Chichester, PO19 7LG. The venue is in the centre of Chichester & easy to get to (10 minute walk from the train station). For those of you travelling by car, parking is available at the front of the venue. Please bring your own refreshments - the venue has kitchen facilities. The fee for each workshop is £30.



Next Workshop:  June 29th


email:   tel: 07748 113857






















Next date coming soon @ Cowdray Hall, Midhurst




















Improving postural stability minimises strain on the supporting structures of your body, maximises the function and health of your joints, muscles, nerves and internal organs and promotes optimal well-being and movement efficiency. This in turn reduces associated discomfort and pain, improves your energy levels, circulation and cognition and so enhances your mental and physical agility.


Join Antonia and Sam for a workshop that delves deeper into the importance and benefits of good posture providing you with tools, techniques and exercises to help restore balance through the body, reduce unnecessary tension, maximise your awareness and improve your experience of being comfortable in your own skin.


Full Day: £80 / Half Day: £50


Tea and Coffee will be provided.

Please bring your own lunch or you may visit the excellent Cowdray farm shop and cafe.

For further information or if you have any questions please contact us directly.

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