About Us

Sussex Tai Chi is run by Sam Moor who started training in martial arts as a teenager. Seeking a more sustainable and harmonious method, he delved into the internal arts at the age of 20. Since then Sam has focused the majority of his time upon training in the Chen style of Tai Chi and the related arts of Yiquan and Qigong.


Sam has trained extensively in China and Europe making numerous trips over the years to Beijing, Zhengzhou & Chenjiagou (Chen Village) for intensive tutelage.  


Sam is instructor certified by the Chinese Internal Arts Association, the Chen Xiao Wang World Taijiquan Association and is an associate instructor for the Chen Bing Taiji Academy. He has Ba(hons) in Philosophy and History, and diplomas in bodywork and Anatomy/Physiology.


Sam can usually be found training and enjoying time with his partner Antonia (antoniastringer.com) and family. When time allows, Sam likes to melt into the beautiful Sussex wilds in search of the legendary leviathan: thetaoofcarp.com



Sam is a widely published author and has written for a variety of publications on the subject of internal martial arts. He also has his own blog: The Internal Athlete. It is his aim to teach as well and as clearly as possible so that more people can experience the vast benefit and liberation that authentic training can offer but without the usual whiff of dogma or doctrine.