Tai Chi, or Taiji, is an internal martial art that rigorously trains and reconfigures the body and mind to produce  well-being, Gong-fu and self-development. With its ancient Taoist roots, Tai Chi comprises an excellent antidote to modern life.


The birthplace of Tai Chi is the Chen Village (Chenjiagou) deep in the heart of China where Tai Chi has been practised for hundreds of years.


Tai Chi is practised for its ability to build awareness, superior body-mechanics and internal power. Once the basics have been acheived through dedicated practise, it can be trained for self-defence which alongside vibrant health, comprises its original purpose.


Our courses, workshops and retreats are best suited to people who are willing to work hard and are already engaged in their own practise. We do occassionally run beginner workshops.


We teach the Chen Style of Tai Chi and the related arts of Yiquan and Qigong. We focus upon the key principles of excellent movement, well being and skill in martial arts throughout.

We are affiliated with the Chen Xiao Wang World Taijiquan Association

'Smooth runs the brook where the water is deep'




Most portrayals of Tai Chi are highly inaccurate. To learn the authentic art is much more challenging than most people think - on every conceivable level.  It is however, extremely rewarding.




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