Tai Chi or Taiji is an internal martial art that rigorously trains the body and mind to produce  vibrant health, well-being and Gong-fu. With its ancient Taoist roots, Tai Chi comprises a highly rewarding lifelong study.


The first step in one's training is to forge a new body - unfortunately most people do not make it past the first step. Therefore our courses, workshops and retreats are best suited to practitioners who are willing to work hard, train regularly and reap the rewards.


Genuine Tai Chi training builds superb body-mechanics, awareness and internal power. Establishing the physical basics that are necessary for all subsequent training requires ongoing and dedicated personal practise. Once a certain benchmark is acheived Tai Chi can also be trained for as an effective means of self-defence.


We are affiliated with the Chen Xiao Wang World Taijiquan Association

Smooth runs the brook where the water is deep


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Most  contempory portrayals of Tai Chi are highly inaccurate and misleading. To learn the authentic art requires a deep, fundamental change in how we use the body and mind. This presents a significant challenge to most people, regardless of their previous training experience. The results of correct practise however can be superb.


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